The Magic of Leewood Glamping

In my travels, I have been fortunate to visit my friend Nick, whom I first met at the Permaculture Design Course at High Heathercombe Centre last November.

Nick is an artist who, among many other things, runs a Glamping site, together with her partner Ryan, an artist and a photographer with a rather unique approach to photography.

But have you ever heard of Glamping?

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Documentary: The Real Value

I wanted to share a great documentary with you today.

Real Value Documentary Film | Award-winning filmmaker Jesse Borkowski delivers a refreshing meditation on how business can be used to create value beyond profit; connecting motivational stories from social entrepreneurs working in agriculture, apparel, insurance, and biofuel, with the captivating science behind our perception of value from world-renowned professor of psychology and behavioral economics, Dan Ariely.

Real Value is a documentary that follows a growing sentiment among many Americans that the corporate focus on the bottom line has been to the detriment of society. The film serves as inspiration for any business owner, entrepreneur, or customer who is looking to better understand what happens when a business puts people, planet, and profit on equal footing.

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Documentary: The Four Horsemen

I wanted to share a cool documentary I’ve watched recently.

The Four Horsemen:

As we will never return to ‘business as usual’ 23 international thinkers, government advisors and Wall Street money-men break their silence and explain how to establish a moral and just society.

FOUR HORSEMEN is free from mainstream media propaganda — the film doesn’t bash bankers, criticise politicians or get involved in conspiracy theories. It ignites the debate about how to usher a new economic paradigm into the world which would dramatically improve the quality of life for billions.

How does one deal with feeling alone?

Feeling alone can be associated with the fact that, we’ve created the World in which is increasingly harder to connect.

Harder to connect to oneself in a ‘busy life’ full of distraction, meaningless junk on TV and even more junk on every possible media outlet.

Harder to connect to people, whose values and interests are shaped/destroyed by the media in a world that wants to abolish all individuality, make everyone the same (not equal, which we intrinsically are).

We’ve created the World in which we pay taxes to the governments that wage wars, bomb other countries in the name of democracy or to ‘fight terror’.

We’ve created the World in which the understanding of the fact that “We Are Nature” has long gone. Hence we destroy everything around us.

This is an insane World. Feeling alone is a ‘norm’ these days. No one just admits it openly, since openness is a sign ow ‘weakness’ (as every other trait that actually matters).

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We All Want Change

I wanted to share a short (1:34) video here.

It is about Change.
We all seem to want Change.

To Change Ourselves,
To Change the World…

We can’t wait for something big to happen.
We all have to do our bit…

It all starts and end with You… and me… 😉

That’s how we’ll Change the World…

Change from Alex Eslam on Vimeo.

Image courtesy of

The Lie We Live

More often than not, our lives our devoid of meaning.
Endless striving for more, without much reflection on why, what for?

We are surrounded by people, yet very lonely.
Rarely looking into someone’s eyes for long enough to see in their eyes the very same pain we experience ourselves.

Feeling powerless, yet being so powerful.
Crying for change to come to us, instead of looking for change within.

Mindlessly, we repeat the motions, day by day, counting hours, days and months.
We destroy our very organism, the fabric of what sustains us, the Life itself, the Earth.

The change that will come won’t come after we elect the “right” president, or when “our” party get’s into power.

The change will come when we’ll take the responsibility for our own actions.
Once we’ve become aware of the consequences of these actions and correct them.
Once we’ve become able to see the value in REAL things.

Here’s the video made by Spencer Cathcart that necapsulates The Lie We Live:

Call To Adventure

For a long time, I have been feeling that it is time to leave the comfort zone again.

We live this life mostly on autopilot, fooling ourselves that what we do is what needs to be done.
Work, home, food, sleep…

We look around, unhappy.
All we see are copies of ourselves drowning in their misery, all feeding the system we hate, system we are slaves to.

But what can we do?
It always been this way.
That’s how the World is.
That is life.

Is it?
Does it have to be this way?

Is life only about paying the bills?
Is life only about having more and better?

What about connection?
What about Nature?
What about friendship, helping each other, growing together, love, service, laugh and play.
What about living, truly living life?

Last year in November I’ve attended the PDC (Permaculture Design Course).
It was an amazing life changing experience.
I’ve met the most wonderous people, amazing beings that all want something better for the World around them and themselves.

During the course I’ve made a decision to leave my job, get on my push bike and ride the UK lanscapes.
Straight after the course upon my come back to work, I have handed my notice in (3 months notice period).
I decided to let the Life take me where I need to go.

My last day of work is March 2nd 2017.
I intend to set off on the 3rd or 4th.

I do not have plans but intentions.

I intend to learn and grow.
I intend to help people along the way.
I intend to meet communities that live in a different way.
I intend to document the journey and maybe produce a documentary showing all the people I meet, projects I’ll visit, events I’ll attend, ways of Life with Nature, the “other way of living” Life.
I intend to have fun.

I really don’t know.
I don’t need to know.

I’ll let it unfold before me.
I’ll let the Universe use me as the instrument of Betterment and Good Making… 😛

So yes, I have some intentions.
One of them is to also blog about the journey here.
Yet I’m not attached to any of these intentions.

I wanted to write about the journey once. in 2014 and I didn’t.
So no promises made this time. 🙂