How To Recognize Your Passion

Everything you do that brings you joy could be your passion.

Everything that lets you forget the time, that makes you feel “in the zone” could be your passion.

It is easier to find your passion if you try different things. I think that passion is not something you have but something you develop.

You can’t just sit at home unhappy about yourself because you don’t have any passions. You go out there and try different things and see what makes you feel good, joyful…

You could discover that there’s not one but few things that you could turn into passion.

You could even have a passion right now, but because you’ve been told that the thing you want to do won’t bring you any money, is stupid etc. you rationalized and stopped doing the thing. Our society, education system is built to discourage creative minds and devoid them of passion.

So go out there, start playing, see what makes you feel

And when you find it, focus on it:

  1. Spend time doing that thing, immerse yourself into it, get better at it, practice and enjoy the journey.
  2. Have no expectations of the outcome, just focus on enjoying what you do. You’ll see the results as you’ll get better and that will drive your motivation to get even better at it.
  3. Never let anyone tell you that your passion is not worth pursuing, developing. There will be people that will want to bring you down, out of envy.
  4. Always have the courage to follow your passion, always believe in yourself and you will succeed.

If you back up the desire with strong belief in your ability to reach your goal, you will reach it. The belief “generates” persistence and you have a perfect mixture that brings success.

Practice leads to mastery.

2 thoughts on “How To Recognize Your Passion”

  1. You’re saying ..follow your passion which is convincing but what if you don’t have that money to actually follow are you supposed to react then..please. I really feel the need to get the answer…i hope for that soon😔

    1. What is your passion?
      In what way is money required to follow it?

      It all depends on the given case of course but there are different ways of getting to do what you love doing.
      If your passion is making music for example. You can wait until you have money for perfect piano, guitar or whatever instrument you like or find a way to make little money to get used instrument for cheap.

      We can always start small. If you want to farm the land, grow vegetables… You might wait till you save money for the land which might take many years. Or volunteer on the farms and projects and in this way do what you love doing, learn and have faith that one day your own land dream will manifest. But instead of waiting for this to happen, you actually immersing yourself in the environment, meeting right people, learn, expand and grow.

      Every situation is different.

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