We're often guided through our lives by the ideas of other people.
We try to realize someone else's dreams, their ambitions, their ideas of who we should become and what we should value.

It's often our parents, spouses, community we live in or simply society at large.
Our world it seems is built on Shoulds and Musts.
It is feebly constructed from norms, taboos and trends.

We conform to this assemblage of random of ideas and treat it as a code.
We subdue ourselves to it, let it shape our decision space, shape our lives.

We slowly erode the being we were born as.
We betray the values that come from within, worship foreign ideas instead.

We slowly forget what is it that we are here for,
We get lost and forget who we are.

It's a path of misery...

But that Being is still there, deep inside, waiting.
Waiting to emerge, disrupt, demand to be acknowledged and honoured.

It is there to remind you who you are,
Steer you back on your true path.

It is your Soul, your true essence, your Truth.
It will show you the beauty of Life.
It will guide you like no other.

It won't be easy, it will be tough at times.
It won't be a ride, it will be adventure.

It will show you who you really are,
If you care to pay attention, to ask and listen...

What is it that guides you throughout your life?