We've stopped facing the truth...

We go about our days lying to ourselves and others.
We pretend everything is OK, everything is fine.

We don't see the truth, far removed from reality.

We don't see that:

  • our governments oppress us
  • we keep choosing different parties but the degeneration continues
  • we are the sickest species on Earth
  • we are the weakest species on Earth
  • we're acting like children and treated as such by "authorities"
  • we are irresponsible and childish
  • we are degenerate society
  • we're running away from problems
  • we're all addicts in one way or another
  • media is lying to us all the time
  • governments don't rule, they follow orders of people behind the scenes
  • our taxes fund wars
  • our buying habits perpetuate exploitation
  • the agriculture is destroying the environment
  • what we're eating is mostly NOT food
  • we're deevolving rather than evolving
  • we're slaves to a system that theoretically supposed to serve us
  • we are govern by degenerates and psychopats

We also fail to notice that:

  • no one will save us, we are the ones that can make a difference
  • we can make things better
  • we do matter, what we do everyday matters
  • we are more powerful than we're led to believe
  • our daily choices build the world we live in
  • we have to come together
  • we have to start cooperating
  • we can build a great future, NOW
  • we do have intelligence, we just have start using it
  • strong individual = strong community
  • voting with our money is more powerful than voting in elections

We can't trust in governments to create the World we want for us.
They don't have our interest at heart and they don't represent us.

We can make things better, but we have to stop waiting for someone to save us. We're the ones that have to take the responsibility for our lives and make this change ourselves.