You know that right?

However strong we cling to what we have, we'll have to at some point in our lives relinquish the control, let go, say goodbye, come to terms with the loss.

It seems to be a sign of maturity to be fully capable to go through the process of grief associated with loss and come out on the other side, with space to receive anew.

It also seems that we generally don't have a problem with receiving new things.
We do however struggle greatly with letting go and grieving. It is perhaps a reason why our appetites are insatiable, while we don't seem to have capacity to appreciate the things we receive, therefore always looking for the next thing.

Kind of like a child that has too many toys to choose from therefore quickly loses interest in all of them, never getting to explore a single one of them on a deeper level.

Skimming through the surface...

The only "thing" we truly own, the one that will be with us till our last breath is our body. Sometimes it seems, it's the last one we appreciate and care about.

It is the body through which we experience our lives, ourselves, Nature, other people. It is our body that lets us experience the beauty of Life that surrounds us and permiates everything our senses are able to touch, and more...

How often are you in your body?
How often are you present?

Where is your attention...?
How deep is your gaze...?

Nothing is forever...