It seems that the cost of Freedom it too high to bear by most.
We gave away our Freedom for an illusion of security.

I see this weird dynamic around.
We, seemingly adult people act like children,
asking "authorities" to guide, to take care of us, to provide, to save us.

This is our culture now.
This is what we've become.

Weak, immature and totally dependent.
Fearful, Broken and Divided...

What happened to honor, dignity, courage?
It seems we traded virtues for vices.

The cost of Freedom is to stand for one's principles.
It means to live by values and be ready to die to protect them.

When we gave our lives away, why do we grasp so hard to prolong them?
What worth is life after betraying one's Self?

There is not universal answer,
Each of us has to answer this question themselves.

We Need To Grow Up

Yes, we do.

We need to stop acting like children.
We're only treated like children, because we act like children.

We need to ask ourselves what's really worth in life?
What is it we're trying to preserve and protect?

We're in great need to wake up to the reality of the world we live in.
We're on our knees...

We need to come together,
We need to create, build, make...

We ought to be more than mere consumers.
We're creators by Nature...

We can create the world our children would be proud to inherit.
We can do this together.

But first, we must grow up individually.
We must take responsibility for our own lives.

We must work hard,
We must face our fears.

There are no given rights,
All animals must fight for their lives and their Freedom and we are no different.

If we won't fight for our Freedom,
We simply don't deserve it.

We all have to be Leaders,
We have to bear the Cost of Freedom.