I'm looking at my own life.
How it changed over they years.

My life is increasingly simple. Down to Earth.
Simplicity, it seems has more depth to it than can be noticed by a restless eye.

Simple things are complex under the surface.
Simple things though are unattractive to the eye that seeks the artificial beauty.

When I look around, I see a giant vacuum cleaner sucking in everything in vicinity.
Insatiable hunger, for more and bigger...

What keeps us full and filled?
Is it: "things we have" or "beings we are"?

Can things we seek, replace the love we've lost?
Can entertainment replace human connection?

Is the meaning found in having much or being more...
Or maybe, being less...

What does it mean to be Human?

Is Human the Conqueror or the Steward?
Is Human a Boss or a Leader?

Why are we so restless?
What are we seeking?

Why enough is not enough?

I see the World getting smaller, hiding behind the horizon,
as it moves further and further from where I stand...

I turn around, walk the other way...