It is easier to send someone a text, or a message on Facebook rather than look them in the eye and say what you feel.
It is easier to look down when you pass a stranger on the street instead of smiling at him, saying hello.

We feel more and more like a strangers in this world. We feel lonely, we lost the connection to one another.
We lack empathy and we don't care for a well being of our fellow neighbor.

We somehow lost our values.
We think that to have is more important than to be.

We fail to recognize the outcome of our wrong doings.
We fail to learn from our mistakes.
We fail to think for ourselves and take the responsibility.

Do we feel good about ourselves?
Do we feel good about our lives?

Do we know what it means to be a Human?

Are we proud of it or ashamed of what we've become.

Where are we going?

Are we completely lost?

Do you even know what am I writing about?

I cried. A little.