When we are children, we know nothing. We ask questions, we explore, we are curious and inquisitive.

We treat everything as new, everything is play, the World is a mystery and anything is possible.

We soon lose that perspective. We grow up being taught a different attitude towards life. We're taught to ignore what's around us and focus on getting somewhere, on things that are useful, we strive to be productive, we look for growth, to accumulate, to gain, to get more and better...

We lose our keenness and curiosity.

Insecurities replace the courage and self acceptance is lost in favor of being self conscious. Instead of carving our own path, we follow the beaten tracks marked by those who walked the path before us.

And just like them, we soon get disillusioned, disheartened and lost. Walking along the people who are lost just like we are, we think that all is well and there must be something wrong with us since everyone else is doing it, and they seem happy...

We miss out on the beauty of life we've been amazed by once.

How much more would we get from Life if we payed attention?
If we worked on regaining the childlike attitude towards life and our sanity back?

If we could "empty our cup" and look at ourselves and Life with fresh, new, child's eyes, like if we saw it for the first time.
If we could forget what we've been taught.

I admit it's not super easy.

To unlearn what I think I know about reality. To learn to accept myself fully and trust myself. To know who I am and follow what's in my heart. To not care what others think of me, how they judge me.

It's not easy but I practice and see small wins here and there. I try to be mindful, to pay attention, to be grateful and kind. To love, to care, to help and allow to be helped. To laugh and play. To make mistakes...

I try, because after all, we only have a short moment to experience this Life.