It's hard not to notice that we humans do everything to make ourselves obsolete.

I understand that some inventions are here to help us and make our lives easier. I do. But behind some of these new inventions, there is a willingness to remove ourselves from the process of Life itself.

There are things in life like cooking, washing dishes, watering plants, turning on/off the lights. These are the processes in life that we engage in that as a whole make up our life. The interactions with the others, plants, non-human animals, other humans, the whole of Nature.

Yet when I look around I see us removing ourselves from experiencing these small beautiful things. We run away from them, but I'm not sure what are we running towards.

We have dishwashers that wash our dishes, we have ready-made meals in the smart-fridge and a pizza just a click of a button away (keep in mind i speak of us, the people in the affluent countries that does not have to worry about those "little" things, like shelter, food, water...).

We have smart home systems that open the door for us, switch on the lights. We have smart coffee makers.
We have smart phones in our pocket and "echoes" on the counter that tell us the temperature and play our favourite music without getting up from the couch.

And while all these inanimate objects around us are getting a little bit smarter... Aren't we getting a little bit ______?

We'll soon have the cars that will drive us around.
We'll have the drone that will deliver the mail.
We'll have a droid that will make and bring the coffee round to the couch while smart TV will pick the best channel for us saving us from reaching for the remote.

And when we get all these...
What will there be left for us to do in this Life?


This post is meant to provoke some thought (a lot) as well as "entertain" (a little).

Before you spit on your screen and call me a hypocrite: I use technology myself, I love programming and building stuff with technology at heart. I also interact more with computers than human beings on a daily basis... :P