Life is short.

However you look at it, we are here just for the short moment.

This moment is an opportunity to experience and answer the questions to:
Who Am I?

We can experience who we are, by our relationships with our self and other (including Nature of which we are part of).

We often look for the meaning of life...

We are here just for this moment and we have the opportunity to influence the lives of others. Those around now, and those that will come in the future.

Would that be meaningful?

We can be kind and loving to others.
We can make them laugh.
We can build and create.

We only have a moment...
And more precisely, we only have this moment.
There is no future to count on.
There might be no tomorrow.

What will we do with accumulated goods?
With the riches, items, properties?

Once on a deathbed we'll look at our life and apart from the people around us, if there'll be any, we'll have just the memories.
Memories of the people we touched and touched us.
Experiences with others.

There's no time for hatred.
There's no time for insecurities, judgments, fear...

Embrace every precious moment in this Life.
Embrace your loved ones.

We only have this moment.

We often live through our heads, gathering information on what Life is.

But the Life is an experience.
What will we do once we find the smallest particle that makes this Universe?
What will we do when once we know all the answers?

Life is an experience...
And we only have the moment to experience it.