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On The War On Ego

This one will be short. I double promise... :P

I used to subscribe to the idea that ego is bad.
One must abolish the ego.
Ego's Death...
We must get rid of the ego!

I don't subscribe to this idea anymore.
You see, in my opinion, one can't really get rid of the ego.

Ego is just a consequence of us being able to perceive this reality as a unique being.
We can repeat to the mirror that this reality and the separation is just an illusion.
We can spent countless hours vigorously chanting that We Are All One.
And yes, we are connected, we are god, we are one and I'm not trying to take that away from you... :P

In the end, the truth is that right now, without altering our consciousness with a drug or inducing a trance state, it's the only way we can perceive this reality.

So coming back to the ego, it's not about getting rid of it, but rather developing a mature ego.

You see most of us, despite growing up physically, adding numbers to our age, shuffle along with an immature and adolescent ego. That's why when looking at children fighting who's turn is to play with a toy and let's say, politicians, "adults" in the pub, or often ourselves, we observe similar patterns of behaviour.

We argue, we are jealous, we're greedy...

All I'm saying...
Let's just stop trying to get rid of something that isn't going anywhere.
Let's stop fighting it.
Let's stop being against...

Let's start growing...
A responsible, kind, loving, mature Ego...