When I look at pollinators, the bees, the bumblebees, hero wasps that pollinate the figs, they all have a clear purpose in their lives. These Nature's biggest hardworkers work tirelessly to make Life as we know it possible. They, like many other animals, have their duty, their part to play in this vast system.

Every single element in this system we call Life has a part to play. Whether they are conscious of it or not.

There is a number of beings that need to come together before we can enjoy a bite of an apple.

There are the trees themselves, bearing lovely fruit.
There are the mycelium network (fungi) underground that transports nutrients.
There are the underappreciated hard working earthworms without which nothing would be possible.
There are birds spreading the seeds, fertilizing, feeding on pests.
There are other plants that help tan apple tree in various ways.
There are the animals that fertilize the soil around.

I won't be trying to look as if I know even 10% of all the small ways in which every element in the System of Life is contributing to it.

I write this becasuse we Human Animals, seem to have problems with keeping in touch with our own purpose in Life.

Maybe it's our society that strips us from the knowing of what our purpose is. After all, we're being shown and told who and what we are from the moment we open our eyes for the first time. Our culture is pushing us forward in the direction we rarely questioning.

Is it where we want to go?
Why there in the first place?

We each have to define or discover our purpose for ourselves, but I'm talking about the purpose of our species.

What are we here to do?
What are we doing for the betterment of Life?
Who is our existence serving?
Are we creating more than we destroying?

What about You or me? Who are We?