We often worry about what other people think. When we think what to wear today for work or whether I can quickly pop out to the shop in these worn out clothes I only wear at home.

Ultimately, it does not matter what someone I don't know will think about me. It's not like I can control other people thoughts anyway right? No one cares what I wear or how I look anyway. Other people are busy worrying what other people think of them.

Where does that come from?

Our Ego cares about keeping the "good" image it projects to the outside world. It cares and wants us to fit in, to be liked, to belong, to be able to find sexual partner and for achieving success (it does not mean that it knows what is the right way to achieve that).

It's not about right or wrong. I'm not judging that behavior or labeling it in any way.

I just want to say, that it's often hard to be true to ourselves. That I struggle with it, that some of you struggles with it.

A Small Challenge

It's good to sometimes challenge that part of ourselves and desesitize it to other people's judgements or "what will they think". That skill is needed if we want to be truly creative, more in tune with ourselves and more accepting who we are.

Deliberately wear something "off", something that makes you feel uncomfortable, or maybe don't shave that balding head of to the shop.
Let other people see it.
Be uncomfortable with it.
Feel your body.
It's not the end of the world.
Nothing bad happened.