Feeling alone can be associated with the fact that, we’ve created the World in which is increasingly harder to connect.

Harder to connect to oneself in a ‘busy life’ full of distraction, meaningless junk on TV and even more junk on every possible media outlet.

Harder to connect to people, whose values and interests are shaped/destroyed by the media in a world that wants to abolish all individuality, make everyone the same (not equal, which we intrinsically are).

We’ve created the World in which we pay taxes to the governments that wage wars, bomb other countries in the name of democracy or to ‘fight terror’.

We’ve created the World in which the understanding of the fact that “We Are Nature” has long gone. Hence we destroy everything around us.

This is an insane World. Feeling alone is a ‘norm’ these days. No one just admits it openly, since openness is a sign ow ‘weakness’ (as every other trait that actually matters).

Life is no longer lived in Real World where people meet, laugh, cry, hug, support each other, bond, create
Life is lived on facebook, instagram, …, … where we put on masks to cover our loneliness. It is also lived in pubs, bars and clubs, where we intoxicate ourselves in order to be able to ‘relax’ and ‘have fun’…

How does one cope with being alone in a World of Alone People?

What helped me, was to connect to myself first. Get to know myself.
In order to do that I had to get rid of distractions, all the junk I allowed myself to fill my head with.

I needed to ask myself some questions:

What do I really like?
What are my values?
What do I stand for?
What do I want to create?
What World do I want to create?
What can I offer others?

The World is still full of good, like minded people.
People that share your values.
People that care about true, deep connections.

Once you know who you are and follow your heart, you’ll meet these people.

I know… Because after living most of my life in solitude, looking at the World with disgust, I found People that care, that create, bond, are not afraid to cry, that laugh, play. People that want something else, people that do not follow but lead themselves, that take responsibility for their own lives.

People that want to learn what it means to be a Human… :)