Those who feel powerless, ask for change,
Those who have power, create it.

We are standing on the streets, loudly repeating the globalists slogans while standing knee deep in trash we can not see.

How is it that we got so swayed, somehow fascinated and distracted by the urge to "save the planet", while being totally sensless to the destruction of our lives closest to us?

We seem to get very busy and emotional with abstract things outside of our reach that we can't directly influence, while totally ignoring the mayhem around us that we can do so much about.
How is it that we are feeling so powerless about it?
How did we got to a place where we believe it is better to demand change that to create it ourselves?

We want to scream at the governments and corporations to change, while we are the ones that need to change them, by changing ourselves. Why do we think they will change if we scream at them and not if we stop paying them for the things we want changed?

Lots of us see the problem in our economical system, monetary system yet can't understand that we are the ones that keep it going as it is. Somehow we lost faith in our own power, we lost sight of the fact that our daily actions are more powerful than our faith in the will of the politicians and corporations to change their way. And why would they? We give them enormous amounts of money to keep the status quo. We finance them with our actions on one side and oppose them with our angry words.

We are being led to think we are uniting to fight for some great cause, while we are just a mass of divided people repeating huge words after each other. I do not see unity here, I see more division than ever.

The change is action in our local communities, coming together, working together, making things happen.

If We want less plastic our forests and our oceans, We stop buying the plastic!
If We want less pollution, We stop paying the polluters for their products!
If We want less cruelty in animal agriculture, We stop paying for it, We pay small farmers that treat ther animals fairly.
If We want healthy, non GMO vegetables We don't pay the companies that sell them.

I hear You say, some of us can't afford better quality food.
I agree...

That's where We have to come together, start growing food together, make sacrifices, reshape the communities,bring our families and communities together again, bring resilience into them, help each other, support each other. We are the ones that need to change. We need to stop being a tool and start being the ones using it.

We can't go on divided, We can only do this together.