Did you ever notice, how lonely it can get when you are surrounded by more and more people?

Cities are full of lonely people.
And people are full of ideas...

What is it, that makes us lonely?
Could it be the ideas we have about ourselves?
The ideas about how one should be, behave, look.
The ideas of what should one value, of what's important.

The ideas anyone seem to ever question.
Where do these ideas come from?
Are they real?
Why do they become the "truth" most people live by?

How are you feeling surrounded by these ideas?

You are free to be who you are inside your four walls.
The moment you step outside, you step into the world of these ideas.
Do you feel the pressure their create?

Did you buy the last pair of shoes because YOU like them or because current trends demand it?
Did you decide on a car that is functional or one that would impress your neighbour?

We live our lives rarely aware of the fact how these ideas infiltrate our mind, how they influence our decisions and shape our lives.

We look around, we copy and paste...
We conform...

What do we even have those "biggest brains" for?
We sure ain't using them...