This will be just a short rant...

It's so laud about "global warming", "climate change" these days. There's a lot of fear, ideas, movements, money made and drama overall.

Here's what is really annoying about it.

The fear as a primary motivation!

Forget about the "Climate Change" for a moment...
Do you think what we do on this planet is OK?
Deforestation, plastic shit everywhere, degradation of soil, pollution of air and water, wild life going extinct...

Somehow it feels to me that if not for the "Climate Change" alarm, no one would even fucking notice...

You REALLY want to "save the planet"?

Stop buying processed shit in plastic containers and pretend it's food. Not only will you improve the health of yourself and your children, you will also reduce the plastic pollution. They keep wrapping everything in plastic because we keep paying for the stuff that's wrapped in it. What? little Freddy needs his gummy bears in a plastic bag? Buy him a locally grown apples, he'll have a tantrum, cry for a bit, then get over it and become a happy, healthy human being again. You will also save on ADD meds he would eventually need.

Stop buying at supermarkets, buy at farmer markets and local small shops instead. The only reason small shops are going extinct is because we stopped buying from them and give our money to supermarkets for their processed garbage and low quality produce instead. We need to reverse the trend.

Start cooking at home. People became sick, obese, insuline injecting, deevolving animals. What happened? We went from home grown, home cooked meals with a nice cup of herbal tea to store bought, microwaved, highly processed fake foods drowned in liquid sugar. Do we really still need to ask question what the fuck is happening to us? Maybe we just need another diet?

Start growing food. Living in the city? Get an allotment, create community garden with neighbours. You will improve your health, your connection with yourself through nature, build community, create resilience and security and if you plant some trees you will invest in the future of yours, your kids and all Life on this planet.

To "save the planet" we need to shift the ratio of consumers to producers in the favour of the latter. We need to start using our brains and our hearts.

Take some fucking responsibility!