I have been a fan of Charles Dowding for a while and been following his work at Homeacres with great interest.  He's got a fantastic library of videos on his YouTube channel where he shares his wisdom and praises the NO DIG method (and rightfully so in my humble opinion).

If you're new to "no dig" it's basically a way of growing food without digging up or ploughing the soil, which by the way is a highly employed activity in agriculture, which greatly disturbs the soil, damages the life within it (like earthworms, mycelium, etc.) compacts it and brings all the weed seeds to the surface so they can germinate.


Homeacres is the name of Charles's current where he's been growing and selling produce for 5 years now using the "no dig" method all along while conducting many experiments to demonstrate how "no dig" compares to conventional, digging up the soil.

He does that by planting the same variety and quantity of plants in both dug and un-dug bed and compares the growth and finally the yield from both beds. I've seen the results of many different vegetables and "no dig" always seems to be giving better results.

Homeacres is also a great educational places where Charles teaches a number or courses.

Recently Charles uploaded one of his amazing videos giving a tour of his Homecres garden which is in its fifth season. I highly recommend watching it. It's an amazing learning source and a great inspiration.

I hope you'll enjoy it... (it's a 24 mins long)