How To Recognize Your Passion

Everything you do that brings you joy could be your passion.

Everything that lets you forget the time, that makes you feel “in the zone” could be your passion.

It is easier to find your passion if you try different things. I think that passion is not something you have but something you develop.

You can’t just sit at home unhappy about yourself because you don’t have any passions. You go out there and try different things and see what makes you feel good, joyful…

You could discover that there’s not one but few things that you could turn into passion.

You could even have a passion right now, but because you’ve been told that the thing you want to do won’t bring you any money, is stupid etc. you rationalized and stopped doing the thing. Our society, education system is built to discourage creative minds and devoid them of passion.

So go out there, start playing, see what makes you feel

And when you find it, focus on it:

  1. Spend time doing that thing, immerse yourself into it, get better at it, practice and enjoy the journey.
  2. Have no expectations of the outcome, just focus on enjoying what you do. You’ll see the results as you’ll get better and that will drive your motivation to get even better at it.
  3. Never let anyone tell you that your passion is not worth pursuing, developing. There will be people that will want to bring you down, out of envy.
  4. Always have the courage to follow your passion, always believe in yourself and you will succeed.

If you back up the desire with strong belief in your ability to reach your goal, you will reach it. The belief “generates” persistence and you have a perfect mixture that brings success.

Practice leads to mastery.

Earth is an organism and we are the cells

A long time ago we accepted the fact that the Earth was round rather than flat. There were many beliefs in human history about the reality, many been wrong and many still are.

What I wanted to write about today is how I see all living beings (animals(includes humans), plants, microorganisms), how are they related to Earth, and the Earth itself in the context of the Universe.

Let’s look at a Human organism.

Human organism comprises of trillions of cells to create an organism. Groups of cells specialize to create organs. Yet every cell in that organism have the ability to perform all the functions that the whole organism can. I think this would be the definition of every living organism.

Now if we look at ourselves from this perspective, we Humans, other animals and plants are the cells in a living organism that is Earth. We the Humans are not consciously aware of this, hence we destroy the very organism that gives us life. I think the best analogy would be cancerous cells in Human organism. We act as a cancerous cells in Earth’s organism.

All the other living beings live “with the Nature” rather than against it but we act as if we’re not part of Nature. We are not conscious of the fact that we are a part of a greater organism that is Earth.

Our cells are comprised of even smaller parts, we can go down that route, through atoms, quarks, to the strings etc. But we can also go up the scale and as much as we are the cells of and Earth as an organism, we can look at the Earth as a cell in the organism that is Universe.

How far up this goes I don’t know. Maybe to infinity?

There are a lot of theories and they are all trying to solve the problem of who we are, what is this all about. This is just one of my theories. What is yours?

Is it possible to be lonely and happy?

I’ve seen this question on Quora and decided to add my perspective on this.

I thought I’ll share it here as well. Here it is:

People are lonely when they experience a feeling of lack, emptiness inside of them. We then tend to look for something outside of ourselves, that will fill that void. It is largely dictated by our culture/society/education which shapes our behaviors and these sink deep into our subconscious minds.

A lot of marriages are falling apart just because we have certain expectations towards the other person, and we come into relationships “demanding” those to be fulfilled. That’s when we are not whole.

When you are whole, you feel complete, you can be happy even when alone, because your contentment comes from inside of you. Your self worth is not dependent upon any external stimuli.

I think this has to do with growing up all “parts” of yourself. We often fail to recognize that we are multifaceted beings. We are not just one person because some parts of ourselves are at the different stage in growing up emotionally.

People that have lack of self worth would be most likely lacking encouragement from their parents as well as experience lack of emotional closeness with them. That’s when they grow in years but are still dependent upon approval of some sort of authority and lack self worth, self reliance etc.

It doesn’t have to be exact for every case as we are dynamic beings and there are many variables that come into place, but we can generalize like this with high possibility.

This is why I think being lonely means to experience some emotional lack inside of you, not knowing and/or accepting who you are and being dependent on something outside of you for feeling fulfillment, self worth, acceptance etc. (if it comes from outside of yourself, it will always be only temporary)

In this situation you can’t be happy when alone and you feel lonely.

It is not the other person that makes you feel happy. You can be surrounded by people and still be lonely.

Why eating meat can be bad for you

Hey there. I wanted to share a few thoughts on eating meat (read: Animals).

Some time ago I thought of an experiment I’d like to do. It was to stop eating meat and any products that are Animal derivatives as well as anything that is packaged for 30 days. This means I would be left with fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, grains nuts and seeds. And plenty of water but I don’t drink any fizzy drinks anyway. I decided to go for it and I’m very happy that I’ve done so.

There was a number of benefits from this and I plan to write an article about it later. As for the reasons that led me to the experiment, I’m going to cover these here.

Now to clear things up:

I’m NOT saying that eating meat is bad. That we, humans should not eat meat at all. I’m not a vegetarian or vegan. I don’t subscribe to anything like that.

What I’m trying to say, is that the methods with which we “produce” meat (and food in general) have to be looked at.

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What does it mean to be human?

It is easier to send someone a text, or a message on Facebook rather than look them in the eye and say what you feel.
It is easier to look down when you pass a stranger on the street instead of smiling at him, saying hello.

We feel more and more like a strangers in this world. We feel lonely, we lost the connection to one another.
We lack empathy and we don’t care for a well being of our fellow neighbor.

We somehow lost our values.
We think that to have is more important than to be.

We fail to recognize the outcome of our wrong doings.
We fail to learn from our mistakes.
We fail to think for ourselves and take the responsibility.

Do we feel good about ourselves?
Do we feel good about our lives?

Do we know what it means to be a Human?

Are we proud of it or ashamed of what we’ve become.

Where are we going?

Are we completely lost?

Do you even know what am I writing about?

I cried. A little.