Don’t Lose The Perspective

I sometimes find myself being anxious and in some discomfort. It’s often about the situation I’m in and the fact that it’s not perfect. Not as I would like it to be. I may be wanting more of the “good thing” or less of the “bad one”.
Simply I’m not accepting the Now.

If I allow myself to calm down (it might require help from the lovely Miss D), I realize that life is actually good.
That nothing is missing.
That I’m healthy.
That I’m surrounded by Nature,
I’ve got food on the table.
I’ve got roof over my head and…

All is actually well.

It’s like the mind is looking for something to complain about.

It is all about the perspective.
Rain is not good nor is it bad. Rain just is.
Farmer will be happy about the rain in a time of drought. Miserable person will just complain about it.

I want to be mindful, aware of what is happening within as well in our surroundings.
I want to appreciate what I have and be grateful for all the small things that make this life so beautiful.

It’s all about the perspective… 🙂

One thought on “Don’t Lose The Perspective”

  1. Oh and this post is exactly what I needed right now. Calm down… inside.

    Sometimes discomfort is there to show us that we need to take action. Paraphrasing Eckhart Tolle, if you are unhappy with your life SITUATION, you have three options: accept that it simply is—as you so mindfully write, remain miserable—what most of us do, or, if it really is bad for you, change it.

    This may not be possible with, say, the rain. But perhaps by observing it, or, rather, observing the effect it has on us, we can find out what we CAN change (our clothing, the roofing, our metabolism…).

    One thing I realised when reading your post is that what bothers us is a situation. Our life situation. But that is nor our life. In looking at what amazing gifts life gives us—hey, we’re breathing! isn’t that a miracle?—we find gratefulness. And in gratefulness there is space to breathe and resilience and love.

    Thank you, Mr Jarzabek, for bringing perspective and calm.
    Thank You.

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