The Magic of Leewood Glamping

In my travels, I have been fortunate to visit my friend Nick, whom I first met at the Permaculture Design Course at High Heathercombe Centre last November.

Nick is an artist who, among many other things, runs a Glamping site, together with her partner Ryan, an artist and a photographer with a rather unique approach to photography.

But have you ever heard of Glamping?

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Call To Adventure

For a long time, I have been feeling that it is time to leave the comfort zone again.

We live this life mostly on autopilot, fooling ourselves that what we do is what needs to be done.
Work, home, food, sleep…

We look around, unhappy.
All we see are copies of ourselves drowning in their misery, all feeding the system we hate, system we are slaves to.

But what can we do?
It always been this way.
That’s how the World is.
That is life.

Is it?
Does it have to be this way?

Is life only about paying the bills?
Is life only about having more and better?

What about connection?
What about Nature?
What about friendship, helping each other, growing together, love, service, laugh and play.
What about living, truly living life?

Last year in November I’ve attended the PDC (Permaculture Design Course).
It was an amazing life changing experience.
I’ve met the most wonderous people, amazing beings that all want something better for the World around them and themselves.

During the course I’ve made a decision to leave my job, get on my push bike and ride the UK lanscapes.
Straight after the course upon my come back to work, I have handed my notice in (3 months notice period).
I decided to let the Life take me where I need to go.

My last day of work is March 2nd 2017.
I intend to set off on the 3rd or 4th.

I do not have plans but intentions.

I intend to learn and grow.
I intend to help people along the way.
I intend to meet communities that live in a different way.
I intend to document the journey and maybe produce a documentary showing all the people I meet, projects I’ll visit, events I’ll attend, ways of Life with Nature, the “other way of living” Life.
I intend to have fun.

I really don’t know.
I don’t need to know.

I’ll let it unfold before me.
I’ll let the Universe use me as the instrument of Betterment and Good Making… 😛

So yes, I have some intentions.
One of them is to also blog about the journey here.
Yet I’m not attached to any of these intentions.

I wanted to write about the journey once. in 2014 and I didn’t.
So no promises made this time. 🙂

Life is a Journey

Benicassim - Oroposa, Spain

There comes a time in life when you start questioning things.

Why you do what you do?
Is it you that wants to find perfect job, have a nice car parked outside of a big house or is it society’s wants and needs that somehow become your own.

I found myself going through a process of questioning my life some time ago.

I’ve been living in England for the past 10 years.
I had a good job working as a Web Developer, earning good money doing what I love doing, lived in a nice house with a nice car parked outside.
Yet, something was missing.

Maybe that desire to travel that I was putting off for so long was on the back of my mind making me feel unsettled.
Maybe the fact that life is not just about earning money, having a nice car, living in a nice house and following the crowd was not letting me find peace within myself.

Sunbilla, Spain

What if I could just let it all go and find my own way, let life unfold before me and rather that trying to control every aspect of it, just observe how Universe works its magic in front of my eyes.

On the way from Benicassim to Oroposa, Spain

That’s how the Journey started.
I got rid of things that been catching dust in a house I’ve been renting, bought a bike quit my job and left everything behind.

Together with my brother, We’ve set off for an adventure, to meet the unknown, to experience life…


That was 3 months ago.

Since then we’ve cycled through England, France and Spain.
It’s been a remarkable journey so far full of experiences I never knew I’d have, meeting fantastic people and seeing some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen.

Sunbilla, Spain

I hope to write more about this adventure on this blog.

Life is a journey worth sharing

UPDATE 09/02/2017: I have never written another blog post about that journey… 😛