On Fighting Addiction

Do you sometimes feel like there are more than one of you inside?

To me it seems like we are a bundle of personalities at times.
Sometimes one that is more courageous and disciplined takes over. and it’s making commitments and resolutions about how to change the life for the better.

And then the next day I struggle with that commitment, don’t see it as clearly, “in the same way” as the other day, as if I’m not the same person who made those commitments.

We go to sleep full of knowledge, with new ideas and commitments to change ourselves, knowing what we want and how to fight our addictions, just to wake up as a different person, struggling to remember the state of mind we were in, the night before.

How do we then go about making those vital changes we commit to? How do we overcome this?

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Call To Adventure

For a long time, I have been feeling that it is time to leave the comfort zone again.

We live this life mostly on autopilot, fooling ourselves that what we do is what needs to be done.
Work, home, food, sleep…

We look around, unhappy.
All we see are copies of ourselves drowning in their misery, all feeding the system we hate, system we are slaves to.

But what can we do?
It always been this way.
That’s how the World is.
That is life.

Is it?
Does it have to be this way?

Is life only about paying the bills?
Is life only about having more and better?

What about connection?
What about Nature?
What about friendship, helping each other, growing together, love, service, laugh and play.
What about living, truly living life?

Last year in November I’ve attended the PDC (Permaculture Design Course).
It was an amazing life changing experience.
I’ve met the most wonderous people, amazing beings that all want something better for the World around them and themselves.

During the course I’ve made a decision to leave my job, get on my push bike and ride the UK lanscapes.
Straight after the course upon my come back to work, I have handed my notice in (3 months notice period).
I decided to let the Life take me where I need to go.

My last day of work is March 2nd 2017.
I intend to set off on the 3rd or 4th.

I do not have plans but intentions.

I intend to learn and grow.
I intend to help people along the way.
I intend to meet communities that live in a different way.
I intend to document the journey and maybe produce a documentary showing all the people I meet, projects I’ll visit, events I’ll attend, ways of Life with Nature, the “other way of living” Life.
I intend to have fun.

I really don’t know.
I don’t need to know.

I’ll let it unfold before me.
I’ll let the Universe use me as the instrument of Betterment and Good Making… 😛

So yes, I have some intentions.
One of them is to also blog about the journey here.
Yet I’m not attached to any of these intentions.

I wanted to write about the journey once. in 2014 and I didn’t.
So no promises made this time. 🙂

The Power of Choice

We make plenty of choices every single day. When you look at these choices closely you can discern that every little choice has the potential to build our character in one way or another.

When you make a choice whether to exercise or watch some TV you in fact choose between strengthening your willpower and making it weaker.

Every time you choose between wearing something comfortable and something that you’ll look good in, you choose between more self esteem or the less of it.

Every time you choose between a healthy, whole plant based food and some processed, addictive, toxic to your body product (most likely some innocent animal been tortured and killed so you can “enjoy the taste”), you choose between health and disease, strength and weakness both of your character and your body.

All these “little choices” build our character every day and most of the time we are not even aware of that. They make us form bad habits and soon enough, instead of even thinking about exercising you reach for the remote, grab a bag of crisps and let some negative information on the news sink into your brain.

On the other hand, every small win, every good habit, no matter how small, makes you stronger. It all adds up, little by little, giving you more and more power to tackle the challenges of life.

When you take care of the small things in life, the big things will take care of themselves (and if they won’t you’ll have the will, strength and cohones to make them happen)… 🙂

How to be happy

We often forget that the true happiness is something that emerges from within. We look for it outside of ourselves, trying to find it in “things” to which we attach so much value, overlooking the true source of happiness.

If you want to be happy, make someone else happy.

So what can you do to make yourself happy?

  • look at the small things in your life you have and be grateful for them, don’t take everything for granted
  • focus on what you do have rather than on what you don’t have
  • if you want to be happy, make someone else happy
  • go out for a walk, switch of you phone, connect witch nature
  • don’t think too much of the future (don’t let your mind play dark scenarios of why something won’t work in your head)
  • take lessons from the past, then forget about it
  • make decision to be happy, it is up to you
  • realize that you’re good enough
  • have faith that what is happening in your life is happening for you and not to you
  • do not blame others, stop playing the victim, you’re the one in charge of your life
  • meditate (find a form of meditation that suits you), connect with your “true self”
  • find a sport you like, run, hike, walk, cycle, do whatever… but move your body
  • don’t be your worst judge and critic, be your best friend
  • always believe in yourself
  • try to always finish what you started, you’ll be happier for it, and much more succesfull
  • find time for yourself and do something you like everyday
  • never stop learning, never stop being curious
  • allow yourself to play like a child you once were

There’s so much more that could be added to it… I encourage you to add it in the comments. 🙂

Your talent is a gift you must share with others

I write about fear a lot. I write about it because it is a root of all negativity I see in the world. Fear have many faces. Today I won’t write about fear as much as about something that we need to do despite how scary it may be.

We often concentrate on ourselves and subdue to our fears, that we forget that the gift we have is not for us alone but for others to experience as well. We fear making the decision of following our passion and seeing it through. We fear of what others may think of us and about the actions we take.

We then express some kind of selfishness and decide that it is not worth for us to follow our passion, out of fear of not meeting society’s expectations or not measuring up to the yardsticks that media or society expect us to measure up to.

But our talent (or talents) is not for us to keep, it is “given” to us, so we can share it with the world. So other people too can experience it, enjoy it.

Everyone has a talent or a few. It doesn’t have to be anything special. We often think of talent as one of those “things” that make people popular like painting, playing an instrument being a singer or an actor. I think it is more of a quality we all have rather than specific inclination or predisposition.

Some of us are empathetic and are there when other people need our help or advice. That could be your talent.
Some of us make people smile, make their day better. That could be your talent.
You love to work in your garden, taking care of plants. That could be your talent.

It is not so much of what you do but who you are as a person. Only you know how to be yourself, and being yourself is a talent in itself, it is very valuable. It is the mixture of perspectives, of how we view and experience the world that could make our lives richer, better for all of us.

We are all unique in our expression of being human. We could all be musicians, yet if we fully express ourselves, the music we’ll each make will have its own unique flavor. It doesn’t really matter what you do. There aren’t any extra points for being this or that. You only get points if you share yourself with others.

We are all needed, here on Earth. We all have a purpose. It is up to us, if we’ll live that purpose or not. Whatever it is we have in our hearts, we need to share it with others. We need to let other people experience the best in us, because it is not only for our enjoyment that we are here, but for others to experience us as well.

How To Recognize Your Passion

Everything you do that brings you joy could be your passion.

Everything that lets you forget the time, that makes you feel “in the zone” could be your passion.

It is easier to find your passion if you try different things. I think that passion is not something you have but something you develop.

You can’t just sit at home unhappy about yourself because you don’t have any passions. You go out there and try different things and see what makes you feel good, joyful…

You could discover that there’s not one but few things that you could turn into passion.

You could even have a passion right now, but because you’ve been told that the thing you want to do won’t bring you any money, is stupid etc. you rationalized and stopped doing the thing. Our society, education system is built to discourage creative minds and devoid them of passion.

So go out there, start playing, see what makes you feel

And when you find it, focus on it:

  1. Spend time doing that thing, immerse yourself into it, get better at it, practice and enjoy the journey.
  2. Have no expectations of the outcome, just focus on enjoying what you do. You’ll see the results as you’ll get better and that will drive your motivation to get even better at it.
  3. Never let anyone tell you that your passion is not worth pursuing, developing. There will be people that will want to bring you down, out of envy.
  4. Always have the courage to follow your passion, always believe in yourself and you will succeed.

If you back up the desire with strong belief in your ability to reach your goal, you will reach it. The belief “generates” persistence and you have a perfect mixture that brings success.

Practice leads to mastery.