How does one deal with feeling alone?

Feeling alone can be associated with the fact that, we’ve created the World in which is increasingly harder to connect.

Harder to connect to oneself in a ‘busy life’ full of distraction, meaningless junk on TV and even more junk on every possible media outlet.

Harder to connect to people, whose values and interests are shaped/destroyed by the media in a world that wants to abolish all individuality, make everyone the same (not equal, which we intrinsically are).

We’ve created the World in which we pay taxes to the governments that wage wars, bomb other countries in the name of democracy or to ‘fight terror’.

We’ve created the World in which the understanding of the fact that “We Are Nature” has long gone. Hence we destroy everything around us.

This is an insane World. Feeling alone is a ‘norm’ these days. No one just admits it openly, since openness is a sign ow ‘weakness’ (as every other trait that actually matters).

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Why you may sometimes feel depressed

I recently answered this question on Quora and again thought about expanding on it a little and sharing it here.

(depression can have many causes, I’ll write more about depression in future posts)

I think looking at your life and examining it could help you find a source of that spells of depression.

There is something you’re NOT doing (suppressing something within you) that your heart wants you to do. We usually stop ourselves from doing stuff we want doing out of fear:

  • fear of change (even positive change)
  • fear of failure
  • fear of discomfort
  • fear of what other people will say

So let’s say you want to be a photographer, you want to travel, you want to be a musician. But you’re looking around and find reasons (read excuses) not to do that. It won’t pay you enough money, you’re too old, your spouse won’t accept it, people will not understand…

You’re rational, logical and you decide that what your heart is “telling” you to do is just a silly idea. So you put those feelings, that urge of doing what you want doing aside. You bury it deep inside you, deep down into unconscious…

and you feel good… for a while…

These feelings, emotions, urges, they want to be expressed. They are who you are and you can suppress them only for a period of time before they rise again. You may not know what they are right away, but look at them, when you feel these spells of depression, don’t resist, don’t hide. Bring them to awareness.

Depression often comes when a person can’t express him/herself out of fear. No expression = depression.

Look at your life, what are you resisting?