The Childlike Attitude Towards Life

When we are children, we know nothing. We ask questions, we explore, we are curious and inquisitive.

We treat everything as new, everything is play, the World is a mystery and anything is possible.

We soon lose that perspective. We grow up being taught a different attitude towards life. We’re taught to ignore what’s around us and focus on getting somewhere, on things that are useful, we strive to be productive, we look for growth, to accumulate, to gain, to get more and better…

We lose our keenness and curiosity.
Insecurities replace the courage and self acceptance is lost in favor of being self conscious. Instead of carving our own path, we follow the beaten tracks marked by those who walked the path before us.

And just like them, we soon get disillusioned, disheartened and lost. Walking along the people who are lost just like we are, we think that all is well and there must be something wrong with us since everyone else is doing it, and they seem happy…

We miss out on the beauty of life we’ve been amazed by once.

How much more would we get from Life if we payed attention?
If we worked on regaining the childlike attitude towards life and our sanity back?

If we could “empty our cup” and look at ourselves and Life with fresh, new, child’s eyes, like if we saw it for the first time.
If we could forget what we’ve been taught.

I admit it’s not super easy.
To unlearn what I think I know about reality. To learn to accept myself fully and trust myself. To know who I am and follow what’s in my heart. To not care what others think of me, how they judge me.

It’s not easy but I practice and see small wins here and there. I try to be mindful, to pay attention, to be grateful and kind. To love, to care, to help and allow to be helped. To laugh and play. To make mistakes…

I try, because after all, we only have a short moment to experience this Life.

Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash


It’s hard not to notice that we humans do everything to make ourselves obsolete.

I understand that some inventions are here to help us and make our lives easier. I do. But behind some of these new inventions, there is a willingness to remove ourselves from the process of Life itself.

There are things in life like cooking, washing dishes, watering plants, turning on/off the lights. These are the processes in life that we engage in that as a whole make up our life. The interactions with the others, plants, non-human animals, other humans, the whole of Nature.

Yet when I look around I see us removing ourselves from experiencing these small beautiful things. We run away from them, but I’m not sure what are we running towards.

We have dishwashers that wash our dishes, we have ready-made meals in the smart-fridge and a pizza just a click of a button away (keep in mind i speak of us, the people in the affluent countries that does not have to worry about those “little” things, like shelter, food, water…).
We have smart home systems that open the door for us, switch on the lights. We have smart coffee makers.
We have smart phones in our pocket and “echoes” on the counter that tell us the temperature and play our favourite music without getting up from the couch.

And while all these inanimate objects around us are getting a little bit smarter… Aren’t we getting a little bit ______?

We’ll soon have the cars that will drive us around.
We’ll have the drone that will deliver the mail.
We’ll have a droid that will make and bring the coffee round to the couch while smart TV will pick the best channel for us saving us from reaching for the remote.

And when we get all these…
What will there be left for us to do in this Life?



This post is meant to provoke some thought (a lot) as well as “entertain” (a little).

Before you spit on your screen and call me a hypocrite: I use technology myself, I love programming and building stuff with technology at heart. I also interact more with computers than human beings on a daily basis… 😛

On The Impermanence

I wrote recently about how short the Life is.

Today, I wanted to share something of a similar tone. The subject of Impermanence.

The realization of Impermanence, of the fact that all things including ourselves will cease to exist, that the contact with the people and things we love will end, can be very liberating.

The implications of this are vast. I’m yet to comprehend it in its entirety. But I feel it inside, running through my core, deep, touching my truth.

It brings up the tremendous value, extraordinary preciousness of every moment in Life. There truly isn’t any time to waste.

There’s no time to waste on arguing, on the rights and wrongs, “goods and bads”.
There’s no time for holding grudges.
There’s no time to feel guilty of the past and to live in the future.

All conditioned things are impermanent…
The Buddha

There will come a time when you won’t be able to touch your loved ones, to hug them, embrace them. You won’t be able to tell them how much they mean to you, how truly beautiful they are and how honored you are by their presence in your Life.

You won’t be able to express how grateful you are for the time of their Life they decided to share with you.

Knowing this deep in your heart, changes everything.

We can’t take anything for granted, because every thing will pass.

This moment is all we have.
This moment is the opportunity to embrace Life.
This moment is the opportunity to embrace the loved one.

We Have Just A Moment…

Life is short.

However you look at it, we are here just for the short moment.

This moment is an opportunity to experience and answer the questions to:
Who Am I?

We can experience who we are, by our relationships with our self and other (including Nature of which we are part of).

We often look for the meaning of life…

We are here just for this moment and we have the opportunity to influence the lives of others. Those around now, and those that will come in the future.

Would that be meaningful?

We can be kind and loving to others.
We can make them laugh.
We can build and create.

We only have a moment…
And more precisely, we only have this moment.
There is no future to count on.
There might be no tomorrow.

What will we do with accumulated goods?
With the riches, items, properties?

Once on a deathbed we’ll look at our life and apart from the people around us, if there’ll be any, we’ll have just the memories.
Memories of the people we touched and touched us.
Experiences with others.

There’s no time for hatred.
There’s no time for insecurities, judgments, fear…

Embrace every precious moment in this Life.
Embrace your loved ones.

We only have this moment.

We often live through our heads, gathering information on what Life is.

But the Life is an experience.
What will we do once we find the smallest particle that makes this Universe?
What will we do when once we know all the answers?

Life is an experience…
And we only have the moment to experience it.

Photo by Juskteez Vu on Unsplash

A Tale Of A Silent Pilgrim

Few weeks ago I took the opportunity to take some time for myself and went for a few nights solo camping in Dartmoor.

The idea was to leave all the electronics, phones, books etc behind and just be with myself.
No distractions.
Well, the allowed item was an empty journal and a pen.
And a map.

Eventually I would want to do that without any food, which is sometimes referred to as a Vision Quest.

This time the challenge was to just go and be there with myself and check whether I can survive without distracting myself.

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Don’t Lose The Perspective

I sometimes find myself being anxious and in some discomfort. It’s often about the situation I’m in and the fact that it’s not perfect. Not as I would like it to be. I may be wanting more of the “good thing” or less of the “bad one”.
Simply I’m not accepting the Now.

If I allow myself to calm down (it might require help from the lovely Miss D), I realize that life is actually good.
That nothing is missing.
That I’m healthy.
That I’m surrounded by Nature,
I’ve got food on the table.
I’ve got roof over my head and…

All is actually well.

It’s like the mind is looking for something to complain about.

It is all about the perspective.
Rain is not good nor is it bad. Rain just is.
Farmer will be happy about the rain in a time of drought. Miserable person will just complain about it.

I want to be mindful, aware of what is happening within as well in our surroundings.
I want to appreciate what I have and be grateful for all the small things that make this life so beautiful.

It’s all about the perspective… 🙂

How High Heathercombe Centre Influenced My Life

I’ve mentioned the High Heathercombe Centre before here, then here and here too but I’ve never took the time to actually write about it.

In this post I want to share my experience of High Heathercombe, how it impacted my life and what an important place it is for building the future we all would like to live in.

How It All Started…

I first arrived to HH (High Heathercombe) in November 2016 to attend the Permaculture Design Course which runs twice a year, in November and March.

Permaculture Design Course is a 16 days residential course taught by very experienced teachers:

PDC is a truly amazing experience where people from around the World come to commune, educate themselves, grow. I highly recommend this course to anyone thinking that something needs to change in the way we live our lives.

Those of you that don’t know of Permaculture I send to Wikipedia.

Here’s the short description from Wikipedia:

Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.

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9 Attitudes To Cultivate In Life

Someone dear to my heart shared a video with me recently. It’s a video of Jon Kabat Zinn, speaking about the 9 attitudes that are very beneficial if one cultivates them in ones Life.

I find it to be very true as I go about my life trying to cultivate some if not all of them.

Mostly failing 🙂

The message totally resonates with me so I thought I’d share it…

How does one deal with feeling alone?

Feeling alone can be associated with the fact that, we’ve created the World in which is increasingly harder to connect.

Harder to connect to oneself in a ‘busy life’ full of distraction, meaningless junk on TV and even more junk on every possible media outlet.

Harder to connect to people, whose values and interests are shaped/destroyed by the media in a world that wants to abolish all individuality, make everyone the same (not equal, which we intrinsically are).

We’ve created the World in which we pay taxes to the governments that wage wars, bomb other countries in the name of democracy or to ‘fight terror’.

We’ve created the World in which the understanding of the fact that “We Are Nature” has long gone. Hence we destroy everything around us.

This is an insane World. Feeling alone is a ‘norm’ these days. No one just admits it openly, since openness is a sign ow ‘weakness’ (as every other trait that actually matters).

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