Earth is an organism and we are the cells

A long time ago we accepted the fact that the Earth was round rather than flat. There were many beliefs in human history about the reality, many been wrong and many still are.

What I wanted to write about today is how I see all living beings (animals(includes humans), plants, microorganisms), how are they related to Earth, and the Earth itself in the context of the Universe.

Let’s look at a Human organism.

Human organism comprises of trillions of cells to create an organism. Groups of cells specialize to create organs. Yet every cell in that organism have the ability to perform all the functions that the whole organism can. I think this would be the definition of every living organism.

Now if we look at ourselves from this perspective, we Humans, other animals and plants are the cells in a living organism that is Earth. We the Humans are not consciously aware of this, hence we destroy the very organism that gives us life. I think the best analogy would be cancerous cells in Human organism. We act as a cancerous cells in Earth’s organism.

All the other living beings live “with the Nature” rather than against it but we act as if we’re not part of Nature. We are not conscious of the fact that we are a part of a greater organism that is Earth.

Our cells are comprised of even smaller parts, we can go down that route, through atoms, quarks, to the strings etc. But we can also go up the scale and as much as we are the cells of and Earth as an organism, we can look at the Earth as a cell in the organism that is Universe.

How far up this goes I don’t know. Maybe to infinity?

There are a lot of theories and they are all trying to solve the problem of who we are, what is this all about. This is just one of my theories. What is yours?

Could we “The People” buy out the Amazon Rainforest?

I’ve watched the great show today where a truly remarkable man, Max was talking about an idea of “Us The People” buying out the Rainforest in the Amazon.

I think this is outstanding idea. We could actually do this. Bit by bit, not the whole Rainforest at once but we could actually do this together. We could then make the Indigenous people that live there a custodians of the land so nobody can move them out of there.  We could stop big corporations from raking the forest in the name of drilling for oil, planting soya or grains for cattle or whatever unwise idea they would have. We watched what our governments allow the corporations to do with us and our environment for far too long. It’s about time we do something about it.

We can’t expect that our governments will suddenly change their ways or think that it is their responsibility to act. They do act but not in our best interest.

If you don’t know Max Igan, he’s a great man living he’s truth in Australia. He’s got a weekly show on The American Voice Radio where he touches the subjects that should concern most if not all of the people. He’s been sharing his wisdom for more than 6 years now, making videos and shows that you can watch on YouTube. Max also has a website The Crow House, where he shares his art and where you can find a lot of very useful information on the very important topics.

If you like the idea of buying out the Rainforest or any other ideas Max shares with the people then you can donate to he’s In Lak’ech Foundation. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with Max’s work.

Thank you