Don’t Lose The Perspective

I sometimes find myself being anxious and in some discomfort. It’s often about the situation I’m in and the fact that it’s not perfect. Not as I would like it to be. I may be wanting more of the “good thing” or less of the “bad one”.
Simply I’m not accepting the Now.

If I allow myself to calm down (it might require help from the lovely Miss D), I realize that life is actually good.
That nothing is missing.
That I’m healthy.
That I’m surrounded by Nature,
I’ve got food on the table.
I’ve got roof over my head and…

All is actually well.

It’s like the mind is looking for something to complain about.

It is all about the perspective.
Rain is not good nor is it bad. Rain just is.
Farmer will be happy about the rain in a time of drought. Miserable person will just complain about it.

I want to be mindful, aware of what is happening within as well in our surroundings.
I want to appreciate what I have and be grateful for all the small things that make this life so beautiful.

It’s all about the perspective… 🙂

How High Heathercombe Centre Influenced My Life

I’ve mentioned the High Heathercombe Centre before here, then here and here too but I’ve never took the time to actually write about it.

In this post I want to share my experience of High Heathercombe, how it impacted my life and what an important place it is for building the future we all would like to live in.

How It All Started…

I first arrived to HH (High Heathercombe) in November 2016 to attend the Permaculture Design Course which runs twice a year, in November and March.

Permaculture Design Course is a 16 days residential course taught by very experienced teachers:

PDC is a truly amazing experience where people from around the World come to commune, educate themselves, grow. I highly recommend this course to anyone thinking that something needs to change in the way we live our lives.

Those of you that don’t know of Permaculture I send to Wikipedia.

Here’s the short description from Wikipedia:

Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.

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9 Attitudes To Cultivate In Life

Someone dear to my heart shared a video with me recently. It’s a video of Jon Kabat Zinn, speaking about the 9 attitudes that are very beneficial if one cultivates them in ones Life.

I find it to be very true as I go about my life trying to cultivate some if not all of them.

Mostly failing 🙂

The message totally resonates with me so I thought I’d share it…

A Very Inspiring Food Production Garden

I have been a fan of Charles Dowding for a while and been following his work at Homeacres with great interest.  He’s got a fantastic library of videos on his YouTube channel where he shares his wisdom and praises the NO DIG method (and rightfully so in my humble opinion).

If you’re new to “no dig” it’s basically a way of growing food without digging up or ploughing the soil, which by the way is a highly employed activity in agriculture, which greatly disturbs the soil, damages the life within it (like earthworms, mycelium, etc.) compacts it and brings all the weed seeds to the surface so they can germinate.


Homeacres is the name of Charles’s current where he’s been growing and selling produce for 5 years now using the “no dig” method all along while conducting many experiments to demonstrate how “no dig” compares to conventional, digging up the soil.

He does that by planting the same variety and quantity of plants in both dug and un-dug bed and compares the growth and finally the yield from both beds. I’ve seen the results of many different vegetables and “no dig” always seems to be giving better results.

Homeacres is also a great educational places where Charles teaches a number or courses.

Recently Charles uploaded one of his amazing videos giving a tour of his Homecres garden which is in its fifth season. I highly recommend watching it. It’s an amazing learning source and a great inspiration.

I hope you’ll enjoy it… (it’s a 24 mins long)

Canoe Trip with High Heathercombe Tribe in Photos

Recently I’ve been privileged to join the High Heathercombe tribe for a day trip, canoeing on the Dart river.

It was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect for it.

If I’m not mistaken there was around 23 people on the trip. A big happy bunch.

We all met at The Malsters Arms in Tuckenhay where we were awaited by our skippers Hugh and John and these two amazing 12 man canoes from Canoe Adventures:

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The Magic of Leewood Glamping

In my travels, I have been fortunate to visit my friend Nick, whom I first met at the Permaculture Design Course at High Heathercombe Centre last November.

Nick is an artist who, among many other things, runs a Glamping site, together with her partner Ryan, an artist and a photographer with a rather unique approach to photography.

But have you ever heard of Glamping?

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How does one deal with feeling alone?

Feeling alone can be associated with the fact that, we’ve created the World in which is increasingly harder to connect.

Harder to connect to oneself in a ‘busy life’ full of distraction, meaningless junk on TV and even more junk on every possible media outlet.

Harder to connect to people, whose values and interests are shaped/destroyed by the media in a world that wants to abolish all individuality, make everyone the same (not equal, which we intrinsically are).

We’ve created the World in which we pay taxes to the governments that wage wars, bomb other countries in the name of democracy or to ‘fight terror’.

We’ve created the World in which the understanding of the fact that “We Are Nature” has long gone. Hence we destroy everything around us.

This is an insane World. Feeling alone is a ‘norm’ these days. No one just admits it openly, since openness is a sign ow ‘weakness’ (as every other trait that actually matters).

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We All Want Change

I wanted to share a short (1:34) video here.

It is about Change.
We all seem to want Change.

To Change Ourselves,
To Change the World…

We can’t wait for something big to happen.
We all have to do our bit…

It all starts and end with You… and me… 😉

That’s how we’ll Change the World…

Change from Alex Eslam on Vimeo.

Image courtesy of

The Lie We Live

More often than not, our lives our devoid of meaning.
Endless striving for more, without much reflection on why, what for?

We are surrounded by people, yet very lonely.
Rarely looking into someone’s eyes for long enough to see in their eyes the very same pain we experience ourselves.

Feeling powerless, yet being so powerful.
Crying for change to come to us, instead of looking for change within.

Mindlessly, we repeat the motions, day by day, counting hours, days and months.
We destroy our very organism, the fabric of what sustains us, the Life itself, the Earth.

The change that will come won’t come after we elect the “right” president, or when “our” party get’s into power.

The change will come when we’ll take the responsibility for our own actions.
Once we’ve become aware of the consequences of these actions and correct them.
Once we’ve become able to see the value in REAL things.

Here’s the video made by Spencer Cathcart that necapsulates The Lie We Live: