On Stress and Worry

I often worry.
Usually for no reason (if there’s ever a truly valid reason to worry).

Right now, I stress out, whether to take laptop with me on the trip to Corby.

What is the point of this worry? Why do I make myself suffer with taking the decision? Well while I write this I already decided that I do take it so now I’m quite relaxed. Relaxation came after Miss D and I had a laughing session about that.

I mean, how crazy it is, to waste the precious time to worry about such silly things? Yet the mind sometimes narrows down to this one thing, this one silly thing, focuses all its attention on it and I become a bundle of stress.

Worry does not bring any benefits. We can’t change or positively affect things with worry. There are none but negative outcomes that come from worrying.

Now, knowing that our health is highly influenced by our environment we can see how detrimental worry is to us.

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The First 7 Years Of Life

I entertain the idea of the first 7 years of life being crucial to forming the character of a person and being largely responsible for how our life will unfold through our subconscious thought patterns and therefore actions.

When we’re born, we learn by observing and reflection. We observe our parents and learn about this reality from their reactions and responses to what we do, and their overall attitudes and behaviors towards each other and life itself.

The first thing the child does after tripping and falling on the ground, is to look at the parent. If the parent is freaking out, the child will most likely start crying. If the parent is calm, smiling and encouraging the child to get up and continue playing, the child will brush off and go back to play.

The parent is reflecting back what happened to the child, teaching the child how to respond to the situation. The future attitudes will be formed from these simple interactions.

Of course the example above depends on the severity of the accident. We can’t expect that child with a deep cut will happily get up like nothing happened just because the parent responded like nothing happened, but the general attitude and reaction and response patterns are being formed and will determine how a the child will respond to certain situations in the future. Whether she’ll cry and make big fuss after every small bruise or whether she’ll bravely take on challenges and press on in life. Continue reading The First 7 Years Of Life

On The Impermanence

I wrote recently about how short the Life is.

Today, I wanted to share something of a similar tone. The subject of Impermanence.

The realization of Impermanence, of the fact that all things including ourselves will cease to exist, that the contact with the people and things we love will end, can be very liberating.

The implications of this are vast. I’m yet to comprehend it in its entirety. But I feel it inside, running through my core, deep, touching my truth.

It brings up the tremendous value, extraordinary preciousness of every moment in Life. There truly isn’t any time to waste.

There’s no time to waste on arguing, on the rights and wrongs, “goods and bads”.
There’s no time for holding grudges.
There’s no time to feel guilty of the past and to live in the future.

All conditioned things are impermanent…
The Buddha

There will come a time when you won’t be able to touch your loved ones, to hug them, embrace them. You won’t be able to tell them how much they mean to you, how truly beautiful they are and how honored you are by their presence in your Life.

You won’t be able to express how grateful you are for the time of their Life they decided to share with you.

Knowing this deep in your heart, changes everything.

We can’t take anything for granted, because every thing will pass.

This moment is all we have.
This moment is the opportunity to embrace Life.
This moment is the opportunity to embrace the loved one.

We Have Just A Moment…

Life is short.

However you look at it, we are here just for the short moment.

This moment is an opportunity to experience and answer the questions to:
Who Am I?

We can experience who we are, by our relationships with our self and other (including Nature of which we are part of).

We often look for the meaning of life…

We are here just for this moment and we have the opportunity to influence the lives of others. Those around now, and those that will come in the future.

Would that be meaningful?

We can be kind and loving to others.
We can make them laugh.
We can build and create.

We only have a moment…
And more precisely, we only have this moment.
There is no future to count on.
There might be no tomorrow.

What will we do with accumulated goods?
With the riches, items, properties?

Once on a deathbed we’ll look at our life and apart from the people around us, if there’ll be any, we’ll have just the memories.
Memories of the people we touched and touched us.
Experiences with others.

There’s no time for hatred.
There’s no time for insecurities, judgments, fear…

Embrace every precious moment in this Life.
Embrace your loved ones.

We only have this moment.

We often live through our heads, gathering information on what Life is.

But the Life is an experience.
What will we do once we find the smallest particle that makes this Universe?
What will we do when once we know all the answers?

Life is an experience…
And we only have the moment to experience it.

Photo by Juskteez Vu on Unsplash

How Do We Treat Others…

We have created the World in which the reality of it is often hidden from the view. We are being fed one version of this reality, while consuming something totally different.

I think that one of the most important things in this Life is the quality of relationships we have with others.

How do we treat the other?
The other, who is weaker than us?
The other, who does not speak our language?
The other, who can’t stand up for himself?

How we treat the others say’s a lot about who we are.

Today I wanted to share a documentary that shows how do we treat some of those weaker ones among us… Non-human animals.

If I’m not mistaken the general idea is that we, the Humans, are intelligent and we have have the ability to self reflect. Unlike the other animals.

I ask you then to use your intelligence, I ask you to self reflect, look into your heart.

Have you ever tried to look into their eyes? To see who they are?

When I look into their eyes I see intelligence. I see emotions like joy or fear. I see a living being valuing their own live like I value mine. I see so much of myself in them.

We decide upon their live and death, yet have no right to do so. Not only we decide when they die, but we also decide how will they live their lives.
Isn’t that slavery?
In those extremely horrible conditions, isn’t that extreme cruelty?

We so much value our freedom… Shouldn’t we then be able to respect the freedom of others?

On Fighting Addiction

Do you sometimes feel like there are more than one of you inside?

To me it seems like we are a bundle of personalities at times.
Sometimes one that is more courageous and disciplined takes over. and it’s making commitments and resolutions about how to change the life for the better.

And then the next day I struggle with that commitment, don’t see it as clearly, “in the same way” as the other day, as if I’m not the same person who made those commitments.

We go to sleep full of knowledge, with new ideas and commitments to change ourselves, knowing what we want and how to fight our addictions, just to wake up as a different person, struggling to remember the state of mind we were in, the night before.

How do we then go about making those vital changes we commit to? How do we overcome this?

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9 Attitudes To Cultivate In Life

Someone dear to my heart shared a video with me recently. It’s a video of Jon Kabat Zinn, speaking about the 9 attitudes that are very beneficial if one cultivates them in ones Life.

I find it to be very true as I go about my life trying to cultivate some if not all of them.

Mostly failing 🙂

The message totally resonates with me so I thought I’d share it…

We All Want Change

I wanted to share a short (1:34) video here.

It is about Change.
We all seem to want Change.

To Change Ourselves,
To Change the World…

We can’t wait for something big to happen.
We all have to do our bit…

It all starts and end with You… and me… 😉

That’s how we’ll Change the World…

Change from Alex Eslam on Vimeo.

Image courtesy of https://unsplash.com/@fraklo

The Lie We Live

More often than not, our lives our devoid of meaning.
Endless striving for more, without much reflection on why, what for?

We are surrounded by people, yet very lonely.
Rarely looking into someone’s eyes for long enough to see in their eyes the very same pain we experience ourselves.

Feeling powerless, yet being so powerful.
Crying for change to come to us, instead of looking for change within.

Mindlessly, we repeat the motions, day by day, counting hours, days and months.
We destroy our very organism, the fabric of what sustains us, the Life itself, the Earth.

The change that will come won’t come after we elect the “right” president, or when “our” party get’s into power.

The change will come when we’ll take the responsibility for our own actions.
Once we’ve become aware of the consequences of these actions and correct them.
Once we’ve become able to see the value in REAL things.

Here’s the video made by Spencer Cathcart that necapsulates The Lie We Live: