Life is a Journey

Benicassim - Oroposa, Spain

There comes a time in life when you start questioning things.

Why you do what you do?
Is it you that wants to find perfect job, have a nice car parked outside of a big house or is it society’s wants and needs that somehow become your own.

I found myself going through a process of questioning my life some time ago.

I’ve been living in England for the past 10 years.
I had a good job working as a Web Developer, earning good money doing what I love doing, lived in a nice house with a nice car parked outside.
Yet, something was missing.

Maybe that desire to travel that I was putting off for so long was on the back of my mind making me feel unsettled.
Maybe the fact that life is not just about earning money, having a nice car, living in a nice house and following the crowd was not letting me find peace within myself.

Sunbilla, Spain

What if I could just let it all go and find my own way, let life unfold before me and rather that trying to control every aspect of it, just observe how Universe works its magic in front of my eyes.

On the way from Benicassim to Oroposa, Spain

That’s how the Journey started.
I got rid of things that been catching dust in a house I’ve been renting, bought a bike quit my job and left everything behind.

Together with my brother, We’ve set off for an adventure, to meet the unknown, to experience life…


That was 3 months ago.

Since then we’ve cycled through England, France and Spain.
It’s been a remarkable journey so far full of experiences I never knew I’d have, meeting fantastic people and seeing some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen.

Sunbilla, Spain

I hope to write more about this adventure on this blog.

Life is a journey worth sharing

UPDATE 09/02/2017: I have never written another blog post about that journey… 😛

Conscious Animals?

There is and always have been a debate in the scientific community on the subject of consciousness. “Are the humans the only species that have consciousness?”.

To me, this question is just like another rather weird question we still seem to be looking for the answer to: “Are we alone in the Universe”? Pffft.

The way I see it,  we all have it. I mean all animals. May I be wrong? Of course I can, but it’s not about being right. This is the point of view I have and it’s in fact the only thing I can share with you.


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Could we “The People” buy out the Amazon Rainforest?

I’ve watched the great show today where a truly remarkable man, Max was talking about an idea of “Us The People” buying out the Rainforest in the Amazon.

I think this is outstanding idea. We could actually do this. Bit by bit, not the whole Rainforest at once but we could actually do this together. We could then make the Indigenous people that live there a custodians of the land so nobody can move them out of there.  We could stop big corporations from raking the forest in the name of drilling for oil, planting soya or grains for cattle or whatever unwise idea they would have. We watched what our governments allow the corporations to do with us and our environment for far too long. It’s about time we do something about it.

We can’t expect that our governments will suddenly change their ways or think that it is their responsibility to act. They do act but not in our best interest.

If you don’t know Max Igan, he’s a great man living he’s truth in Australia. He’s got a weekly show on The American Voice Radio where he touches the subjects that should concern most if not all of the people. He’s been sharing his wisdom for more than 6 years now, making videos and shows that you can watch on YouTube. Max also has a website The Crow House, where he shares his art and where you can find a lot of very useful information on the very important topics.

If you like the idea of buying out the Rainforest or any other ideas Max shares with the people then you can donate to he’s In Lak’ech Foundation. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with Max’s work.

Thank you